About Us

Welcome to Drone U…

Thank you for choosing our platform to gain the knowledge and testing you need to safely fly your drone as a recreational pilot. We hope you find the process simple to use and that you enjoy the content that has been provided for you. And of course, we’d love to hear from you at [email protected] if you have any questions or comments.

Who are we…

As one of the largest online and in person drone training organizations in the world, we are committed to providing the industry’s most current and experience based drone related educational content available. Your success and enjoyment of your “birds” is our passion and is what gets and keeps us excited every day. Our team works each day to provide our members / students with content that not only educates but also entertains as we believe it’s this combination that keeps the learning process fun and more importantly, makes it easier for you to retain what you learn.

But…we’re much more than a drone training school…

Although we are one of the world’s largest, most thorough online drone training schools, offering thousands of hours of helpful, organized content, this may not be our greatest value to you. In fact, we are often told that our greatest tool isn’t even something we’ve created as a course at all. That’s because it’s our extremely active, helpful, and committed online community of drone pilots that are constantly engaging with each and participating in one another’s success. Whether you plan to fly commercially or recreationally, the ability to sharpen each other as drone pilots is alone worth being a member of Drone U.

Drone U’s community will help you stay inspired, motivated, and engaged. Let’s face it, discouragement and overwhelm are a part of life, especially if you are running a small business. That’s why we believe wholeheartedly that it’s not just about taking a class and moving on to figure the rest out by yourself. Instead, it’s about truly retaining the information your learning through continual practice and engagement so you can best utilize and apply the resources of Drone U and our community while you’re in the field. Look at us as your “behind the scenes” team, the place you can always go to for insight, clarification, strength, momentum, encouragement, and ideas so you can keep progressing forward.

The Team Behind The Team

All the things you enjoy as a part of Drone U are brought to you by an amazing team of talented professionals. They each bring their unique business superpowers to the table, and allow Drone U to live out its mission. They are the unsung heroes, and we love them!

Please join us in singing their praises…

Gaurav is a copywriter and digital marketer with vast experience of helping online businesses, consultants and coaches. He loves finding creative solutions that have the biggest impact on business operations. At Drone U, Gaurav handles just about everything that is posted on the site: blogs, courses, videos, resources, webinars, etc. He has an MS from Virginia Tech. In his free time, he loves a good book and a game of tennis.

Joel is the Producer and Project Manager at Drone U. He loves producing and believes it’s similar to Mexican cooking, it takes hours to make, minutes to consume, and worth every moment. After earning a Masters degree from the University of Denver in Higher Education, he moved home to Albuquerque to continue developing his skills in producing high quality digital media on solo and team projects. When he isn’t producing content, Joel loves to play bass with his family. coach tennis, bike, and cook for his loved ones.

Mahesh is a Member Support Specialist at Drone U. He graduated with a degree in Production Engineering in India and is a certified project management professional. Mahesh is passionate about business, project management, new technologies and customer service. Mahesh and his wife reside in Toronto, Canada along with their 4 year old son.

Caitlan is the Training and Events Coordinator for Drone U. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering and her Master’s Degree in Operations Management from Kettering University. After starting a family, Caitlan decided to leave the automotive sector and began working from home. She and her husband live in Greenville, SC with their daughter. In her free time, she loves to read, swim, and hang out with friends and family.

Kirill is a Video Editor and filmmaker with vast experience in TV, podcasts and short films. In everlasting love with storytelling and his family, Kirill has also been with Drone U since we started. He manages all things related to the Ask Drone U Podcast editing, and often jumps in to help with other editing projects we have going on.

Steve is a Video Editor at Drone U. He graduated from the Art Institute of Colorado with a degree in Video Production/Editing and has spent years honing his craft in the professional arena. He is owner of Delasantos Visual Media, a small corporate/commercial video facility focused primarily on marketing, product video solutions and documentary film. Steve balances his work with music and thus maintains a healthy side gig playing drums for various local groups throughout the state. He currently calls Tijeras, NM home.

Your founders and humble servants

Paul Aitken

Founder, Chief Pilot, Co-Host Ask Drone U
Paul is a techy through and through. He loves all things drone, design, and photography related, and is passionate about teaching others how to safely and profitably operate their drones. He loves to travel, and the perfect day would be spent near water. And when he’s not on the go, he and pup Kona have a great time exploring.

Rob Burdick

Founder, CFO, Member Services, Co-Host Ask Drone U
Rob, a CPA for over 20 years, brings his analytical and bean-counting prowess to the table as Drone U’s unflappable Ask Drone U Co-Host. He loves serving the community, creating spreadsheets, and writing sticky notes that keep everything running smoothly. He’s a family man, who enjoys trying to keep up with his five kid’s sports and hobbies (which is quite a feat!).

Tim Ray

Founder, COO, Website, Systems
Tim is a systems guru, and web guy extraordinaire. He loves helping business owners create systems that explode their efficiency, profitability, and creativity. He’s a foodie, and green tea addict. He and his family of six are enjoying soaking up the heat in Gilbert, Arizona.

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